a beautiful mess 

Editorial Design / 2015

Das Roskilde Festival 2014 aus Sicht der Fotografen Alexander Schneider & Dominik Wagner sowie dem Autor Freddy White. Eine Welt zwischen Urlaub und Überlebenscamp. A beautiful mess.

15 nummerierte Farb-Exemplare, 72-seitig, mit Leineneinband und auf Munken Polar 170g gedruckt, wurden verschiedenen Organisatoren des Festivals überreicht. 1.000 schwarz/weiß Exemplare, 42 Seiten, wurden während des 2015er Roskilde Festivals an die Besucher verschenkt.


You needed some action. So you’ve quit your job, packed your bag, and hit the road. You’ve been gone for 6 weeks and you are not going back anytime soon. You are now at home, but far from home. For you are now in Roskilde, after you spent way too much time in trains, cars and planes. And you wouldn't want to be any other place in the world right now, not for a million dollars.

It is that one week, out of 52, that actually makes sense. It is that one week that will determine how you actually spend the 51 others. Not that you think the rest of the time is all meaningless, for it is rather the opposite. Roskilde simply helped you find another meaning to your everyday life. And it gave you the drive to make it all happen again. Now you are in Roskilde. And it all makes sense.

Freddy White